Our Troti's Breed - We Finally Got It

For a long while we have been wondering what breed our Troti is. The vet told us he could be an Alsacian mix, one of my colleagues told me he's a Doberman mix - and to be honest he looked a lot like one. Now we finally got it. Someone stopped us in the street to show us his dog in a picture on the phone - it was identical to ours and he was a Transylvanian Hound or Erdélyi kopó, a Hungarian hunting breed.

I was amazed and happy to finally understand Troti's features. The dogs in his breed are very independent, have great sense of smell, are very loyal, can work independently far away from the master in the forest while hunting, they have great sense of direction, but are very difficult to train. They don't mind serious injuries, but are unusable for days if they receive negative feedback from their master. They can be trained only with positive rewards and a lot of patience.

Our Troti
Our Troti

Here's an article I found about this breed on Wikipedia:


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