The Power of Being Firm and Consistent

We've had Troti for almost one year and a half now and we were joking the other day that we are more than prepared now for children :) . We know what it feels like to be responsible, to leave your needs for last and fulfill others' first, what it feels like to wake up early in the morning and go out in the snow even if you don't feel like it, what it feels like to remember all doctor appointments, to remember vaccines' schedule, to make sure that your "child" is safe and healthy, that he learns all that he needs, that he gets the best food, care and affection.

Our Troti
However, what is needed most and what you need to always remember is to keep firm and consistent - this also works with children. This is the only way you can earn true respect. A child or a dog can love you even if they don't respect you, but respect is the key to fight chaos.

Being firm and consistent is what we found out that a dog needs the most. Be firm and show him that you are the boss, that you know best and that you expect respect and results. Play time matters, but discipline is crucial.

And more than than, be consistent in your decisions - apply exactly the same reward or the same punishment for the same good or bad deed. This is how you teach what's right and wrong and you create good behaviours.

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