Rule 10 – The Dog Never Begs for Food While You Are at the Table

In the wild members of a pack eat only after the leader of the pack has finished. Allowing the dog to eat at the same time with you (even if they eat their separate food) is a sign that you are equals. He will then consider you his equal and not respect you as a leader.

So the rules are:

-          The dog is not allowed to beg while you are eating;
-          If he begs, he either gets sent to another room, either he is ignored – he never gets anything, not even the smallest bite;
-          The dog doesn’t eat during your meal – even if he gets his own food, it’s still eating together; he will not make a difference between your food and his;

This is one great mistake that we did at first with our Troti. Those puppy eves melted our hearts every time. You just can’t eat and let him look at you, right? It feels like you’re not giving your own child food and that you are being such a bad parent, right?

Well, forget about it. The dog is NOT your child and if you want him well behaved and calm while you are at home and especially while away, stop feeding him while you eat. If you can’t stand those eyes, just send him to another room and close the door. I know it’s hard. We’ve been there, but it’s not impossible.

So take care and be strong,



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